So You Want to Write – 1

Really? You really, really want this?

I explored why I want to write in an earlier blog. And I am probably way behind most readers in this process, but perhaps ahead of a few seeking mutual support at this difficult time.

Hopefully, you already know what you want to write. The plot and the characters may be sketched-out in your mind or on paper or on your computer. I discovered that Ian Rankin started his 2012 novel without knowing plot or protagonist – but it helps.

Now you have the dilema of whether to outline the entire novel and write to that outline, or to  write by the seat of your pants, making it up as you go along. Are you an “outliner” or a “pantser”?

The two tribes will never agree. Pantsers say that the outline becomes redundant as soon as the characters and plot begin to develop. Outliners say that without a structure and a path to follow, the writing wanders off into pages that will end up on the editing floor.

A compromise appears to be to outline roughly and follow the outline until the story has

l you need to do is to write your heart out and when it’s finished, someone will publish your baby.

Dream on!

Apart from a good plot which keeps the readers’ interest on the page and strong, credible characters about whom the reader cares you will need a mass of

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