In The Beginning…


This is the first of what I hope will become an increasingly interesting and popular series – which means that if this one doesn’t appeal, come back later and see how I am getting on. (Please!)

As ever, the following are encouraged and appreciated and will be reflected in huge amounts of Karma-credit accruing…

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So what will I be blogging on about? About what I do! Folklore advises a writer to write about what he knows, and as Woody Allen said, “life is the only thing that happens to me”. So here we go…

  • An Irreverent Guide to Writing and Publishing and Winning a Readership

I am writing my first novel, “Succession!” (the first in a far future science fiction series) and looked around for information and advice from published authors and maybe mutual support groups to share the newbie pain of getting that first novel written and into readers’ hands. I will cover that experience – the good, the suspect and the well-meaning – in later blogs.

I’ll also report on the personal struggle to become a published author and throw in some snippets about work-in-progress.

  • Performance : Stage, Screen and Radio (but not so much radio)

As you may know, I don’t only write – I perform, too. (If you didn’t know, catch up on my notable appearances here!) I will throw in a few snippets about the visceral world of movies and stage to counterbalance the purely intellectual stuff about writing. But this will NOT become a gossip site – unless I get something REALLY juicy!

See you again soon!

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