Morality, Legality, Humanity

John Singer Sargent’s 1918 painting “Gassed”

I want to declare an interest. My grandfather was gassed in the First World War. He survived with terrible respiratory problems, suffering frequent, asthma-like attacks that made him fight for every breath. Continue reading

Writers’ rules, rules, rules?

masksThere are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.” W. Somerset Maugham

Similar thoughts are applied to comedy, theater, even to relationships. P.T. Barnum’s solution: “There are two rules.
One: always leave them wanting more…

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Then And Now? Spot The Difference?


Oh, what a strange couple of months. Two new “rulers” – a new modernizing Pope and a new Chinese President. Please allow me to congratulate you both on your promotions and please remember to send invitations to your celebration parties using the Feedback form provided!

Between them, these two men influence some 2.6 billion people, or about 40% of the entire world population. Can we expect big changes in the coming decade? Allow me to progress sideways for a moment. Continue reading

WHY Do You Want To Write?

It’s a good question.

In my case, I am retired; I need not work; I could just sit back and watch daytime TV. (The horror!)

The reasons why I want to write are manifold, and – yes – that early laptop is significant, keep reading!

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