Works In Progress

I thought readers might be interested in seeing what I’m working on and what’s planned.
I’ll update this page from time-to-time and let you know when it happens.

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Last update: May 27, 2018

Janus Paradisi Trilogy:

  • Faces of Janus – The Beginning: Nov 6, 2016
  • Janus Challange – The Journey: Apr 3, 2017
  • Janus Arrival – Journey’s End: Apr 1, 2018
  • Final Flight: A side adventure for Uri’s team. A bomber is heading for the LiftPort space tower. Unless they stop the bomber, they’ll miss the last Lifter and SS Challenge‘s departure. Not forgetting the tsunami that will swamp the Pacific coasts. (Was available to newsletter subscribers for free in 2017.) Target pub date: summer, 2018
  • Project Eleven: The planned standalone sequel. Target pub date: early 2019

Vice, Lies, and Truth (a standalone 1950’s L.A. Noir series):

  • Private Vices:  Target pub date: autumn 2018
  • Public Lies: The sequel, 50% of the first draft completed. Target pub date: early 2019
  • Bayville Truth: The planned final part of the series. Target pub date: late 2019

Pax Diktat:

In the far future, an Exodus of humanity has deserted the failing Earth. Rival power-groupings arise among the space colonies and wage war. A peace is imposed (the Pax Diktata) to hold the diverse Empires, Kingdoms, and Republics from interstellar war.

Nothing lasts.

A multi-novel series.

  • Pax Diktat: The origin of the Imposed Peace (Pax Diktat) across human space. (This is a novelty – a “prequel” written before the rest of the series!)
  • All That Was Lost: A collection of short stories exploring the fate of those left behind on Earth as the centuries pass them by.
  • Succession!: Members of the ruling family fight for the throne. The challenger faces the responsibilities of waging a devastating war. (Inspired by the Bhagavad Gita.)
  • Darkout: War comes. Planets are hammered back to the Stone Ages. On one planet, a woman must lead the survivors from strength, no matter what the cost. It won’t be easy.
  • Aftermath: The recovery.
  • The Book of Abri: A novella covering the side adventures of a key character.
  • Unity Rising: A thousand years later, the recovered planet explores space and forms a new coalition of worlds: the Unity. Peace is the plan. But plans are only plans.
  • Unity Falling: Things go wrong
  • Unity Ascendant: Things go right again. Briefly.
  • Beyond Unity: What Unity does next 😉

Compilations and Short Stories:

  • My Worlds: a compilation of my published stories (warning, multi-genre).
  • Space Rocks: a collection of asteroid-related stories, partly completed.

Now you know roughly how long you have to hold your breath for, before my next publication!