A Few Reviews


Time to Save the Space Elevator? by Mr. Richard Lw Bunning

Adventure short story of about 7,000 words. This is a good taster for McKell’s works. This is a classic chase sequence to save the mission. Most of those remaining on the dying Earth would probably root for the terrorist.

Great short story! by Kathleen Andres

Please keep the Paradisi adventures going. We may find we can use these fictional ideas in the not too distant future!



Space Adventure by Sheri

A Good space adventure. Lots of action and believable characters

Terrific Book I of the Paradisi Triology by Susan L. Carrier

Awesome book 1 of a terrific Trilogy. Fantastic introduction into a genre of Sci-Fi that I have not experienced in the past – multiple authors met to lay out a shared universe and then go off and write their own stories from their own points of view. This particular author has written a foundational trilogy that gets you started, it is wonderfully well written, with great plot, great well developed characters, and I have just loved it.

I should have read this sooner! 😀

Intrigue, romance, fight between the classes. And for me a small kinship with the locale of the story, New Phoenix, Arizona.

There is fighting, spying, affairs and questions of whose loyalties lay where.

Another enjoyable read by Kathleen Andres

I’m really enjoying the different perspectives from the group of authors who have joined together to write the Paradisi Chronicles. Keep the stories coming!

This Janus Paradisi Trilogy is a Great Sci-Fi Series by Susan L. Carrier

Love this whole premise of books, that have multiple authors writing about a shared, mutually agreed upon, universe.
The Janus Paradisi Trilogy is just great Sci-Fi reading. I loved it. There are multiple pastiches within the genre of this Universe. I can’t fully explain it here, but it is a really neat group of books. However, this particular Janus Trilogy is very well written, excellent sci-fi that hangs together very well, and it is a great place to get into this whole multi-author, shared Universe writing experience.

Captive Again by Rita J

Hate having to wait to find out what happens next. This poor crew has been through so much trouble yet fight back every time some times to win but not always.

Loved it! The only thing wrong with this series … by Debbra Polston

Loved it!
The only thing wrong with this series is that I have to wait for new books!

Great plot. by Leilani Umadhay

I am looking forward to more and the continuation of this story line. I’m wondering how soon will the next chapter be out.

Another great story! by Kathleen Andres

Loving this series and the whole Paradisi Chronicles stories. Great idea to have numerous fabulous writers contribute to the series. Can’t wait for more!