Welcome To Andy’s Imaginary Worlds!

Andy McKellBetween tapping my keyboard to produce stories out of thin air and treading the boards to create characters out of that same thin air, I plan to explore the world of stories and their telling. I hope you enjoy your visits.

My favorite quote about creativity:

Art is never finished. It is abandoned.” (Da Vinci)

So I will abandon this greetings page and get back to telling lies about things that didn’t happen to people who don’t exist.

Comments are always welcome!

Thank you for reading this far and do explore the rest of the site.

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29 thoughts on “Welcome To Andy’s Imaginary Worlds!

  1. Andy
    You have a great sense of humor! If there’s anything more therapeutic than humor I would invite someone to try convincing me. I won’t believe them, of course, but they’re welcome to try. I’m following your blog.


  2. Okay… your appeal appealed to me, so I signed up and read a few blogs. Good stuff! I look forward to reading more and I am a compulsive sharer! I’ve been seeing you on Indies Unlimited, by the way. Nice to connect 🙂


  3. jumeirajames

    Hi Andy. When I posted my last blog I somehow managed to use my out-of-date site. WordPress throws u these challenges from time to time.

    My live site is at


    It has the same blog on it, etc.

    Sorry for the confusion


      1. jumeirajames

        The main problem is that I seem to have been directed to my moribund site from the usual link i click-on for the live site. No idea why that happened.

        But computers are pretty infallible these days, it was probably my fault somewhere along the line.

        Anyway – enjoy. I’ll keep an eye on your blog as well.


  4. jumeirajames

    Andy – I picked you up again on a like. I’ve been off the grid for ages working on my next book.

    Reading your quote from Leonardo it reminded me of something Dorris Lessing said ‘a book is the wreckage of a great idea’ – now isn’t that the truth!

    Her’s looking forward to your next wreckage!


  5. I enjoy a good giggle. I am giggling. I got a notification from Morgen Bailey about your site. I write Crime novels and I dabble in short stories and flash fiction. You were asking about anthologies: I’ve been in a few, some for charity, some for my publisher, and have always been asked/invited to contribute. I don’t know how else to go about it other than begin your own…then invite authors to join you. Good luck.


      1. Still smiling. I have never started my own anthology, rather, I’ve been invited to contribute. I am about to have a co-written novel published and I am busy working on my Ms Birdsong Investigates series, so I do stretch from short stories and flash fiction and back but my big love is writing full length novels. I shall look at your suggestions, thanks, but these days unless I am writing for my publisher, or they give me leave to write for someone else, I cannot venture elsewhere. Anthologies are fab for getting your name out there and flash fiction is a wonderful way to make you use fewer words and really think about what you write. Enjoying wandering around your blog and will check out the links as suggested. Thanks so much. Chat again soon I hope…keep smiling 🙂


      2. Andy, thanks so much. I am writing like crazy to finished my crime series and the expected publication has been put back to the late Autumn by my publishers – my co-writer is behind and so needs longer. Still, good things re worth waiting for….


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